The place where you meet a first time desi mom

About Me

As the header states, I am a desi first time mom. I delivered a baby boy in May 2013. With him came a lot of responsibilities. A lot of decisions. A lot of work. And a lot less sleep. During this journey I transitioned from cleaning after party to cleaning after potty. During this journey, I realised I had very few people around me who I could relate to. I had friends. And they were all there for me when I needed. But they were not going through the same thing – the responsibility of juggling your baby with your career and living up to the benchmark set by your mom. Our generation of desis who have moved to US and have a family have a very different set of issues. We cannot follow exactly like our American friends nor can we follow our Indian family. There has to be an in-between. And that is the difficult part. What to choose and what not to choose? What will work for me? Should I follow my mom / in-law or my pediatrician? Hopefully my blog will help you answer some of these questions.


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